In Quotations

by ariel.lavi

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released March 9, 2015

All songs written/composed, produced, engineered, and mixed by ariel.lavi.



all rights reserved


ariel.lavi Long Beach, California

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Track Name: In Quotations
You know I can’t forget the day they whispered
something I can’t refuse or reconsider:
This binding contract between words and (their) power.
“We” in quotations and the stories after,
are YOU-in-series on a color palette.
Collective questions and defining answers,
the sum of all words, come to Love.
Track Name: Miracle
High speed through the glass of fear,
and all things that could read unclear.
A shy slip through the grasp of real.
A sky drive to the color: Blind.

Excite this fantasy,
breathe it in just fly with me.
All things I’ve said before,
and all things I want still more.

*And we built our love,
on living in a dream you’re my sky of gold.
And we built our love,
on fantasy and real you’re my miracle.

Too far for the naked eye,
too tall for the weak to climb,
too deep in the sea of light,
too close, it exists inside.

Now take a look at us, go back to start…
Who knew we’d ever see us come this far.
It started as this “thing”, and quickly became everything,
and now it’s like a scene where we breathe in the stars.


Hey, Love, we’re on to something
greater than the both of us and,
Hey, Love, we’re on to something,
dare I say, this is a miracle.

And I’ll hold a light to:
No one said that this was easy,
no one could tell us what it should be,
no one could ever really know just what we are.

A sky dive from the heights of heat,
a calm crash but we’re back on beat.
Fall back in our atmosphere,
fly high, stay with me up here.
Track Name: We Open At The Close
Let’s say it played the way that worked so easy,
let’s say today you ran out your own luck.
If in this moment you have come (to) real time,
how does it feel to take away your own Love?

Let’s say it played the way that worked so easy,
let’s say today you ran out your own luck.
You seem to see like you can not see this cold,
I hate to tell you but your eyes are closed.

*We never know it, if it hasn’t happened,
We never see that it could come so quickly.
We open at the close,
We’ve stepped on Heaven’s toes,
We know the love we hold is so, so overlooked,
and underused.

Let’s say you see this cold.
It’s so much closer.
The weight in worth of all the things you love.
You seem to see this difference in your vista,
need only see it once and stay in love.

Oh to go, from cold to calm.
Track Name: Head/Body
Stay. Sit. Stand. Go.
Pace. Sip. Come close.
Sigh. Smoke. Eyes closed.
Almost everyone knows…

*Head. Body.
It’s in your head, (your) body.

Time. Time. Same lines.
Gold. Glow. So close.
Find in love quotes.
Bring that voice close and sing.
See, everyone knows.

Track Name: Indestructable
So here’s your feather my friends.
This is the sound of its end.
And as we watch it swaying down,
don’t be scared.

We found when misunderstanding
meets understanding,
this beauty’s indestructible,
so don’t be scared.

*If we let this pass,
would this set us back?
(Don’t) make us wait ‘till our bodies collapse,
from silence on our backs.
We could feel uneven air,
we could see what’s happening after.

If truth must have a face,
it looks just like you,
when your voice shakes.
Even in your crying eyes,
don’t be scared.
‘Cause if a moment is defining this,
don’t let it go to waste.


Don’t let it all go.